December 24, 2021

Happy Holidays and PNC Championship observations

A Happy Holiday season to you all! May the coming year be filled with better golf shots, more made putts, and a lot more birdies. Golf's a great game; enjoy it for all its trials and tribulations. Enjoy the ride as you grow in understanding and growth with your golf game.

A week ago, we witnessed an exciting Parent-Child tournament that showcased the essence of what golf should be about. In most cases it was fathers playing with their younger sons, some as young as eleven and some mature adults. Nelly Korda got to play with her dad, Bubba Watson with his father-in-law and Lee Trevino and Gary Player with their grandsons. It was a competition, but what came through was the bonding and enjoyment that playing golf together meant to each pairing. It also was a blueprint in raising a child in golf. Most of the fathers had or still have successful professional careers. The sons that played in this particular tournament were all accomplished golfers. So it was evident that at one point they were coached well and given the opportunity to enjoy the game. To succeed in any sport, you need a passion and drive to endure and advance. For the most part, most of the sons chose to have golf in their life, but not as their profession. I applaud the fathers for letting them decide their real passion. Golf is a game and is not supposed to be a grind, so the joy and fun that was on display last Saturday and Sunday was what golf should be about.

Tiger Woods is a very protective private person, we only get glimpses of his personal life. He definitely is protective of Charlie, his twelve year old son. What I saw was the perfect father-son relationship in regards to golf. I understand that Charlie got interested in golf a few years ago and according to Tiger, he has developed a true passion for the game. Tiger has facilitated this passion, if that is what Charlie likes and enjoys. His daughter, Sam is enthusiastic about soccer, and he is fully supportive in her in that interest. I am sure that Tiger has help Charlie with his golf swing and shown him many tricks for his improvement. However, it is ultimately up to the individual to take the time to practice and implement the techniques and refine the shotmaking. Tiger said the hard work was on the practice range and so far Charlie has put in the time. If you noticed, Tiger did not coach Charlie during the tournament. He let him play and make his own decisions! Charlie was free to play his game and not have to "look over his shoulder" to make sure that his dad would approve. You would think that being the son of the best player in the game would be enormous pressure, but Charlie showed none of that. He was playing a "game" and he liked it and didn't make it bigger than it was. The media will make it bigger, but Tiger has made sure that Charlie is grounded and that all things are in a proper prospective. I'm impressed.

I've read and heard this about Charlie Woods. He has a better swing than his dad. He is better at twelve than his dad. He could be greater than his dad. No, No, No! He is twelve years old. He is very good, but life happens, his interests might change, his passion may diminish, or any number of things. If he still has the interest, Tiger will be supportive, but it's tough getting on the PGA Tour and prevail. Charlie has a step up on most golfers, but that doesn't guarantee success. It will be interesting in seeing him grow physically and maturity wise. I wish him success in what he wants to do in his life, but twelve is too early for him or anyone to make those decisions or predictions. Have fun as a kid and have golf and other sports or interests be part of your life. There will be plenty of time in the future for those choices. I'm sure Tiger will guide him wisely, he has so far.

Happy Holidays and wishing you a Wonderful New Year

(picture of my daughter, Skye and her proud Dad) Like father, like daughter!


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