June 17, 2018

Phil - Admit your mistake

I'm sorry Phil, but your explanation doesn't fly. In a matter of a few seconds you can calculate the "pros and cons" of taking a two shot penalty by hitting a moving ball? In those few seconds, you weighed the consequences of a serious breach of the Rules of Golf and golf etiquette. In those seconds you felt compelled to lump yourself forever with another brilliant tactician of the game, John Daly. Granted you didn't want to be ashamed and made fun of by putting a ball way off the green, but in a matter of seconds you made yourself even more controversial and silly. You took your time and formulated a response, but it doesn't fly. We all have made mistakes that we would like to take back and I'm sure you would like to take a mulligan on this one, but "man-up" and confess to a moment of insanity. Your explanation is juvenile and defies logic. You are a thoughtful and creative thinker, but not everything that you say or do is brilliant. Your on-course decisions have been questioned in the past and we have come to accept that it's just "Phil being Phil" and something that defies logic at times. This defies logic. You can't always be right. Take a mulligan and admit to a temporary lack of judgement. The media and public will forgive.


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