April 10, 2016

Jordan Lets Them Back In

Jordan Spieth had a straggle hold on the Masters title three times in the past two days.  He could’ve put his foot down on everyone’s throat and given them no chance.  However, he didn’t and now we have a wide open final round. 

It is obvious that his swing is not where he would like it.  His decision making is mixed with some shots hit confidently and quickly and others that take a long time to decide.  The slower you go the less self-assured you are and are prone to second guessing and indecision.  He has let a group of ten players into the mix for the final round.  It is similar to a superior basketball team that lets its inferior rival stay close throughout the game and then the lesser team caughts fire or gets a lucky break and wins the game.  I see that happening today.

Today’s forecast is for no wind and beautiful conditions.  That makes for ideal scoring conditions.  There are world class players that are only three and four shots back that can make a strong run at the lead.  That means that Jordan must shoot a good score.  I would think he needs at least a 69 to secure the victory.  From what I have seen, it will be a difficult task.


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